Transmission Power Voltage Supply Low

Vehicle shuttered and all the dash lights flashing or dimming. Sometime vehicle has lack of power. When instrument lights are flickering most likely it will be an electrical issue.

What is P0882 code?

P0882 is Transmission Control Module (TCM) power supply voltage is lower than 8 – 10.5 voltage. Second, if greater more than 5 seconds has elapsed or battery voltage is higher than 11 voltage for 0.2 seconds.

Possible Problem Causes:

  1. Power Control Module history code
  2. Battery is failing
  3. Alternator is about to fail
  4. TCM (Transmission Control Module) connector or terminals failure
  5. TCM power supply circuit failure
  6. Short to ground in wiring harness between TCM
  7. TCM fuse faulty
  8. Open circuit in wiring hardness between battery positive terminal and TCM
  9. Possible loose end battery terminals
  10. Corrosion on positive terminal

Here is the list of tool for this diagnostic

  1. Autel scan tool or OBD 2 scan tool
  2. Multimeter
  3. Test light


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