What is cold cranking amp?

Generally, cold cranking amp is only applying to automotive battery. If your battery having a hard time to start a vehicle during the cold weather, you should suspect your battery cold cranking amp is depleted. Every battery has CCA which it is stood for “Cold Cranking Amps”. Every car manufacture is required different rating cold cranking amp. For example, 2002 Honda Civic requires CCA 430 to CCA 450. For 2012 Chrysler Town & Country requires at least CCA 550. But first, let me take you back to how CCA (cold cranking amp) was invented.

Back in the day, the first automobile was using the hand crank to start the vehicle. As technology advanced by the 1912 Cadillac invented the electric starter in all models. Then the battery was invented to start the vehicle. During this time, every little known about the temperature effect to the amperage


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